York University

Founded in 1959, York University started off with Glendon, a residential college, Atkinson, an evening college for part-time students, and Keele, an urban campus. York first focused on liberal education, but later expanded into medicine, engineering, and education. Now, York is at the forefront as a research and teaching university. York achieved first place in global joint research publications for universities in Ontario.

Alumni of York include physicist Nigel Lockyer, comedian Lilly Singh, actress Rachel McAdams, astronaut Steven Maclean, and entrepreneur Gordon Lownds.

At York University, we offer tutoring services for over 60 courses in seven categories (Economics, Administrative Studies, Mathematics and Statistics, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Information Technology, Natural Science, and Social Science).

Highlighted Courses

ECON 1000 Introduction to Economics: Microeconomics

ECON 1010 Introduction to Economics: Macroeconomics

ECON 1530 Introductory Mathematical Economics I

ECON 1540 Introductory Mathematical Economics II

ECON 2100 Microeconomic Theory

ECON 2200 Macroeconomic Theory

ECON 2300 Intermediate Microeconomic Theory I

ECON 2350 Intermediate Microeconomic Theory II

ECON 2400 Intermediate Macroeconomic Theory I

ECON 2450 Intermediate Macroeconomic Theory II

ECON 2500 Introductory Statistics for Economists I

ADMS 1000 Introduction to Business

ADMS 1010 Exploring the Functions of Business

ADMS 1500 An Introduction to Accounting for Human Resource Professionals

ADMS 2200 Introductory Marketing

ADMS 2320 Business Statistics

ADMS 2400 Introduction to Organizational Behaviour

ADMS 2500 Introduction to Financial Accounting

ADMS 2510 Introduction to Management Accounting

ADMS 2600 Human Resources Management

MATH 1013 Applied Calculus I

MATH 1014 Applied Calculus II

MATH 1021 Linear Algebra I

MATH 1025 Applied Linear Algebra

MATH 1131 Introduction to Statistics I

MATH 1300 Differential Calculus with Applications

MATH 1310 Integral Calculus with Applications

MATH 1510 Fundamentals of Mathematics

MATH 1550 Mathematics with Management Applications

MATH 1581 Business Mathematics I

MATH 1610 Introduction to Statistical Methods I

MATH 1620 Introduction to Statistical Methods II

MATH 1660 Linear Algebra I

MATH 1930 Calculus I

MATH 1940 Calculus II

EECS 1011 Computational Thinking through Mechatronics

EECS 1012 Introduction to Computing: A Net-centric Approach

EECS 1015 Introduction to Computer Science and Programming

EECS 1019 Discrete Mathematics for Computer Science

EECS 1022 Programming for Mobile Computing

EECS 2030 Advanced Object Oriented Programming

EECS 2031 Software Tools

ITEC 1000 Introduction to Information Technologies

ITEC 1010 Information and Organizations

ITEC 1620 Object-Based Programming

ITEC 2210 System Administration

ITEC 2600 Introduction to Analytical Programming

ITEC 2610 Object-Oriented Programming

NATS 1510 The History of the Environment

NATS 1512 Environmental Pollution

NATS 1605 Communication, Health and Environment

NATS 1670 Concepts in Human Health and Disease

NATS 1675 Human Development

NATS 1700 Computers, Information and Society

NATS 1740 Astronomy

NATS 1780 Weather and Climate

NATS 1840 Science, Technology and the Environment

SOSC 1000 Introduction to Social Science

SOSC 1009 Introduction to Social Science (ESL)

SOSC 1012 Understanding Social Theory

SOSC 1185 Women and Society

SOSC 1340 Introduction to Business and Society

SOSC 1341 Introduction to the Social Economy

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