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BLUEKEY EDUCATION specializes in providing first-class tutoring services for university students across North America. We believe in the potential of each and every student to learn, improve, and achieve academic success. At Bluekey, we foster a conducive environment for students to build resilience, overcome areas of weakness, and develop healthy study habits. We offer tailored exam prep sessions, personalized (1-on-1) tutoring sessions, and engaging video courses. Our comprehensive services help students obtain and maintain outstanding results.

Since its conception in September 2013, Bluekey has been dedicated to providing university students with structured solutions to meet the growing challenges of post-secondary education. With years of experience in the Canadian higher education landscape, the Bluekey team has accumulated tools and resources to help students thrive in their studies and reach their full academic potential. Our team spends countless hours ensuring that each tutoring session is customized to address all course content and to support students’ personal needs.

Our Franchise Model

With franchises in top universities across North America and having helping thousands of students reach their educational goals each year, Bluekey Education has fine-tuned its franchise model, business opportunity, and expansion plans. In addition to having great franchisee support and leading in technological growth, Bluekey offers the best franchise opportunity for supporting higher education. Own a Bluekey

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Subject Tutoring

Up-to 12 hours of exam preparation catered towards each university course. Study better, score higher.

The Exam Preparation Sessions are tailored to each university course. Whether the student feels unprepared for an exam or has already extensively studied for it, these sessions will help students polish up their knowledge and translate to academic success. Each session covers key concepts to excel on the exam and teaches step-by-step methods to solve recurrent exam questions. In addition, instructors will provide valuable exam information, past exam questions with full solutions, and useful exam writing techniques and strategies that have helped past students excel.

Bluekey offers weekly group sessions to help students review their class material and prepare for their upcoming exams. Whether they have never glanced at test materials or have studied them extensively, our exam preparation sessions fully prepare students for their upcoming exams. Our sessions cover key concepts and utilize proven and effective methods for understanding, solving, and answering even the most difficult exam questions.

Bluekey’s one-on-one tutoring service provides students with personalized lessons to meet their academic needs. Our tutors identify and assess their students’ strengths and weaknesses, develop a personalized plan on their behalf, implement lessons, and monitor their progress.

What does this program offer?

  • Early preparation

Before the start of the semester, students can schedule a preliminary one-on-one session in preparation for the new semester. These sessions help students get a head start by providing early insight into their courses and professors’ expectations and by formulating strategies for success well in advance.

  • Q&A sessions

During question and answer (Q&A) sessions, tutors answer specific course-related questions for students to fully grasp and understand course content. These Q&A sessions help students feel more confident preparing for and tackling assignments, midterms, and exams.

  • Study plans

For students struggling to study for any particular course, we offer one-on-one tutoring sessions to help students develop structured study plans. These plans will put them on the path of consistent and effective studying. Students will receive ongoing support from their tutors and improve their accountability.  

  • Essay assistance

Writing an essay can be challenging for students, especially when they factor in the subjectivity of their TA’s or professor’s writing preferences. For one-on-one sessions focusing on essay assistance, tutors can help students develop a clear writing style, formulate strong essay arguments, and learn essential self-editing skills.

  • Exam preparation

Students can schedule a one-on-one exam prep session to go over study materials, key concepts, useful tips, and last-minute concerns before an exam. They will learn strategies for getting over exam nerves and acing their exam.  

Bluekey has a compendium of recorded lecture videos that can be accessed 24/7. These videos break down complex concepts, theories, and formulas covered in courses so that students have a better understanding of course material. Students can watch these videos whenever they want and as often as they want. The videos can be reviewed in preparation for a course or used as a refresher before an exam.

English Tutoring

Bluekey Education also provides English tutoring services to college and university students in Canada. These services are available for first year to fourth year post-secondary school students. Our tutors are fluent in English and are well-equipped to clearly explain content. They seek the best for their students and they won’t rest until all of the content they teach is completely understood. Our exceptional English tutors are competent, compassionate, and caring. They want their students to succeed and excel with their studies in English.

Our English tutors have proficiency in other languages including Mandarin, Korean, and Cantonese. Their ability to speak multiple languages gives them the advantage of succinctly explaining concepts and being able to communicate ideas in different ways. They also understand cultural nuances and can relate to students from other cultural backgrounds.

Our high-caliber English tutors are the best in Canada. They have excellent presentation skills and they graduated with distinctions and awards. Bluekey English tutors are masters of verbal, written, and interpersonal communication. Our English tutors are highly qualified. They have experience working with students of all ages. They listen to their students and help them create effective study plans and goals based on their students’ strengths and weaknesses. You won’t find better tutors than Bluekey tutors!

Founder’s Message

At the age of 17, I immigrated to Canada with my family. As a newcomer, I experienced a culture shock. Due to the stress of learning a new language and adjusting to a new culture, I began to struggle academically. I also had difficulty making new friends and fitting in with my peers. Upon entering the University of Toronto, I encountered many international students and new immigrants that faced similar struggles. On top of dealing with cultural and communication issues, they also felt isolated in their learning experience.

After hearing about and experiencing first-hand the difficulties of student life, I endeavoured to make a difference so that all university students — regardless of their age, race, gender, ethnicity, and socio-economic background — could succeed academically and feel supported. So, after graduating in 2013, I founded Bluekey to help students from diverse backgrounds overcome academic difficulties and gain a sense of belonging within a learning community. It brings me great joy to know that Bluekey has helped thousands of students achieve their academic goals.

Here at Bluekey, we believe in innovation and technological advancement. As a tutoring company focused on higher education, Bluekey leverages effective, technologically advanced models to improve instructional quality and students’ learning experience.

– Peter Han

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