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Own a Bluekey

Own a Bluekey

For over seven years, Bluekey has been the #1 supplemental higher education franchise in Canada. Our company has continued to expand across the country, allowing for more university students to achieve academic success each year. With our innovative classes, effective exam prep sessions, and invaluable resources, we set ourselves apart from competitors.

Using technology, we continue to invest and add new products to assist students with their education and provide franchisees with more sources of revenue. We are able to offer face-to-face lessons, online learning, and recorded lectures thanks to our technological investments.

Do you have what it takes to own a Bluekey?

There are three qualities that a Bluekey owner needs to have:

  1. Commitment to building community and upholding Bluekey values

Bluekey owners should be leaders in their community and be able to connect with different associations, groups, and organizations. They should be able to bridge higher education and community support. As well, they should uphold Bluekey values. Through our integrity and academic support, we aim to make a positive impact in the lives of university students.

  1. Business acumen or experience

Having business knowledge or experience in business provides franchisees with a greater understanding of how to run a business. For partner groups, having at least one partner with a business background would be advantageous.

  1. Financial strength

Lastly, we want someone who has the financial strength to open a Bluekey. As well as having the financial means to launch a Bluekey, a franchisee should have the patience for the amount of time it will take for the business to grow.

Why Own a Bluekey

First, post-secondary education support is in high demand and continues to grow. High school graduates, international students, and mature students all see value in attending a higher education institution in Canada and all hope to succeed in the courses they take. Students are looking for tailored support for their studies, and we are helping them to meet that need.

Second, Bluekey is a proven and experienced leader in educational innovation. For over seven years, we have helped students across Canadian campuses meet their academic goals and realize their potential. As the first supplemental higher education franchise, we have seen the growth of our company coincide with the success rates of the students we reach. With our technologically advanced lessons and resources, we can assist students in a myriad of ways.

Third, you will get to see first-hand the positive impact Bluekey makes on the lives of students. While you witness the financial return on your investment, this business opportunity will help you gain personal fulfillment from seeing the success of students of all ages. The personal satisfaction of watching students improve and overcome obstacles is priceless.”

Steps to Ownership

If you are strongly considering owning a Bluekey and would like to learn more on how to get started on, our franchise team can provide you with all the information you need to make an informed decision. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Contact our Bluekey Franchise Specialist ( to set-up a brief meeting. At the meeting, you and the specialist will go over franchise questions or concerns.
  • Fill in our Request for Consideration form.
  • Review our Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD).
  • Examine your territory map and demographic report.
  • Speak to Bluekey executives to hear their experiences with Bluekey.
  • Visit our office and talk to our staff.
  • Sign the Franchise Agreement.

Once you are part of the Bluekey family, we will provide you with two-month comprehensive franchise training, support in selecting a location, assistance and guidance in your set-up, marketing, and grand opening, and continued support and training in all areas of your business.

Own a Bluekey

Bluekey is the first-ever company in North America to offer customized higher education tutoring services on a franchise model. We continue to use innovative technology, capitalize on online learning, and incorporate new products to assist post-secondary students in their education. We have been able to deliver lessons in-person and virtually due to our technological investments. In the next five years, we anticipate opening 100 more locations and reaching over a million students. If you have business acumen, a passion for higher education, and an interest in transforming the lives of university students, join us in our North American expansion.

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