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Bluekey is committed to EdTech innovation and has developed 3 EdTech products.

CV Avatar


CV Avatar is an online career platform that uses AI and machine learning technology to automatically screen resumes and schedule interviews for students who fit the roles and requirements of available employment opportunities on the job market. The AI and machine learning technology predicts the success rate of prospective employees based on their information, academic and work history, and turnover rates.

Bluekey Library


Bluekey Library is an online resource giving students free access to study materials including study guides, e-books, and past exams and mid-terms. Bluekey Library has over 100,000 study materials available for students taking courses in Canadian universities. In 2022, about one million learning materials will be accessible through Bluekey Library.

Bluekey Class


Bluekey Class is an E-Learning platform that matches students with appropriate tutors. 200 tutors from 30 universities are now available on Bluekey Class, covering courses from 500+ subjects. Bluekey Class has helped 6,000 students to achieve their academic goals and is willing to help more than 100,000 students in 2022.