At Bluekey, we aim to give every student a key to academic success in higher education. Our learning centers provide premium tutoring services in multiple languages and a broad range of subjects, helping university students overcome barriers to achieving their ideal academic results.

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"At age 17, I moved to Canada with my parents. As many new immigrants, we did not speak English very well and had trouble adapting to the new environment. When I first started attending a local high school, everything confused me, from the language to the curriculum to the culture. Then, when I got into the University of Toronto, I felt overwhelmed: the workload was suddenly much bigger, the pace faster, and the exams much more stressful. I had to work extra hard to achieve adequate results. For a very long time, I wished I had more sources of support. It wasn’t until my third year of university that I finally felt comfortable and competent in my classrooms. Yet during this time, I started meeting a lot of other students with the same problems I had had. Some of them fell behind in multiple classes and had no idea how to catch up. Many came to Canada from a foreign country and were still struggling with language barriers. Others felt lonely in a new environment and the stress of university exams was taking a toll on their mental health. It was these experiences that inspired me to found Bluekey. As soon as I graduated in 2013, I launched some customized exam preparation sessions to help students in need. Not surprisingly, the students found those sessions very helpful and started recommending them to friends. And the rest is history.”

Peter Han


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