Western University

Initially called Western University of London, Western University was founded in 1878. In 1881, it opened to students with four faculties: Law, Arts, Medicine, and Divinity. At Western, Canada’s first French immersion program was established at Québec in 1932. The program still continues today. Since 1965, Western has been a leader in wind engineering. It is the only university in Canada to offer a graduate program in wind engineering. Western has been a trailblazer for medical advancements.

Alumni of Western include neurosurgeon Charles George Drake, former premier David Peterson, politician Stephen Woodworth, novelist Joan Barfoot, and sports executive Michael Copeland.

At Western University, we offer tutoring services for over 40 courses in six categories (Economics, Business Administration and Management, Mathematics and Statistics, Computer Science, Medical Science, and Social Science).

Highlighted Courses

BUSINESS 1220 Introduction to Business

BUSINESS 2257 Accounting and Business Analysis

MOS 1021 Introduction to Consumer Behaviour and Human Resources

MOS 1023 Introduction to Accounting and Finance

MOS 2181 Organizational Behavior

MOS 2205 Business Communications

MOS 2227 Introduction to Financial Accounting

MOS 2228 Introduction to Managerial Accounting

MOS 2310 Finance

MOS 2320 Marketing

ECONOMIC 1021 Principles of Microeconomics

ECONOMIC 1022 Principles of Macroeconomics

ECONOMIC 2121 The Firm and Financial Markets

ECONOMIC 2124 Economic Development I

ECONOMIC 2125 Economic Development II

ECONOMIC 2150 Microeconomic Theory I

ECONOMIC 2151 Microeconomic Theory II

ECONOMIC 2152 Macroeconomic Theory I

ECONOMIC 2153 Macroeconomic Theory II

MATH 1120 Fundamental Concepts in Math

MATH 1225 Methods of Calculus

MATH 1600 Linear Algebra I

MATH 2120 Intermediate Linear Algebra

STATS 1023 Statistical Concepts

STATS 1024 Introduction to Statistics

STATS 2857 Probability & Statistics I

STATS 2858 Probability & Statistics II

STATS 2864 Statistical Programming

COMPSCI 1026 Computer Science Fundamentals I

COMPSCI 1027 Computer Science Fundamentals II

COMPSCI 1032 Information Systems & Design

COMPSCI 2034 Data Analytics: Principles and Tools

COMPSCI 2120 Coding Essentials

COMPSCI 2209 Applied Logic for Computer Science

COMPSCI 2210 Data Structures & Algorithms

BIOCHEM 2280 Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

BIOLOGY 1001 Biology for Science I

BIOLOGY 1002 Biology for Science II

BIOLOGY 2290 Scientific Method Biology

CHEM 1301 Discovering Chemical Structure

CHEM 1302 Discovering Chemical Energetic

CHEM 2213 Organic Chemistry

PSYCHOL 1000 Introduction to Psychology

PSYCHOL 1100 Method/General Psychology

SOCIOLOG 1020 Introduction to Sociology

SOCIOLOG 1050 Introduction to Community

SOCIOLOG 2140 Social Problems

SOCIOLOG 2205 Statistics for Sociology

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