University of Toronto

As the largest university in Canada, the University of Toronto offers more than 700 undergraduate programs and 200 graduate programs to over 93,000 students. The U of T was founded as King’s College in 1827. To cater to Toronto’s growing population, the university developed two suburban campuses. U of T Scarborough, originally called Scarborough College, was first built in 1964. U of T Mississauga, formerly called Erindale College, was built in 1966.

Alumni of the U of T include former prime ministers Paul Martin and Lester B. Pearson, astronaut Roberta Bondar, engineer Elsie MacGill, authors Michael Ondaatje and Margaret Atwood, and former governor general Adrienne Clarkson.

At the University of Toronto, we offer tutoring services for over 100 courses in eight categories (Economics, Management, Mathematics, Statistics, Computer Science, Life Sciences, Humanities, and Social Sciences).

Highlighted Courses

ECO101        Principles of Microeconomics

ECO102        Principles of Macroeconomics

ECO200        Microeconomic Theory

ECO202        Macroeconomic Theory and Policy

ECO204        Microeconomic Theory

ECO206        Microeconomic Theory

ECO208        Macroeconomic Theory

ECO209        Macroeconomic Theory and Policy (For Commerce)

ECO220        Introduction to Data Analysis and Applied Econometrics

RSM100        Introduction to Management

RSM219        Introduction to Financial Accounting

RSM220        Intermediate Financial Accounting I

RSM221        Intermediate Financial Accounting II

RSM222        Managerial Accounting

RSM225        Legal Environment of Business I

RSM230        Financial Markets

RSM250        Principles of Marketing

RSM260        Organizational Behaviour

RSM270        Operations Management

MAT133        Calculus and Linear Algebra for Commerce

MAT135        Calculus I

MAT136        Calculus II

MAT223        Linear Algebra I

MAT224        Linear Algebra II

MAT235        Calculus II

MAT237        Multivariable Calculus

MAT244        Introduction to Ordinary Differential Equations

MAT246        Concepts in Abstract Mathematics

MAT301        Groups and Symmetries

MAT315        Introduction to Number Theory

MAT334        Complex Variables

MAT344        Introduction to Combinatorics

STA130        An Introduction to Statistical Reasoning and Data Science

STA220        The Practice of Statistics I

STA247        Probability with Computer Applications

STA248        Statistics for Computer Scientists

STA255        Statistical Theory

STA257        Probability and Statistics I

STA261        Probability and Statistics II

STA302        Methods of Data Analysis I

STA303        Methods of Data Analysis II

STA304        Surveys, Sampling and Observational Data

STA305        Design and Analysis of Experiments

STA347        Probability

STA457        Time Series Analysis

CSC104        The Why and How of Computing

CSC108        Introduction to Computer Programming

CSC148        Introduction to Computer Science

CSC165        Mathematical Expression and Reasoning for Computer Science

CSC207        Software Design

CSC209        Software Tools and Systems Programming

CSC236        Introduction to The Theory of Computation

CSC258        Computer Organization

CSC263        Data Structures and Analysis

BCH210        Biochemistry I: Proteins, Lipids and Metabolism

BCH242        Biochemistry

BIO120          Adaptation and Biodiversity

BIO130          Molecular and Cell Biology

BIO220          From Genomes to Ecosystems in A Changing World

BIO230          From Genes to Organisms

BIO251          Form, Function and Development in Plants

BIO260          Concepts in Genetics

CHM135        Chemistry: Physical Principles

CHM136        Introductory Organic Chemistry I

CHM210        Chemistry of Environmental Change

CHM217        Introduction to Analytical Chemistry

CHM220        Physical Chemistry for Life Sciences

CHM223        Physical Chemistry: The Molecular Viewpoint

CHM238        Introduction to Inorganic Chemistry

CHM247        Introductory Organic Chemistry II

CHM249        Organic Chemistry

HMB200        Introduction to Neuroscience

HMB202        Introduction to Health and Disease

HMB203        Introduction to Global Health

HMB204        Introduction to Neuroscience

HMB220        Neuroscience

HMB265        General & Human Genetics

IMM250        The Immune System and Infectious Disease

PSY100        Introductory Psychology

PSY201        Statistics I

PSY202        Statistics II

PSY210        Introduction to Development

PSY220        Introduction to Social Psychology

PSY230        Personality and Its Transformations

PSY240        Introduction to Abnormal Psychology

PSY260        Learning and Plasticity

PSY270        Introduction to Cognitive Psychology

PSY280        Introduction to Perception

PSY290        Physiological Psychology I

ANT100        Introduction to Anthropology

CIN105         Introduction to Film Study

CIN201         Film Cultures I: Art and Industry

EAS101        Modern Chinese I For Students with Prior Background

EAS102        Introduction to East Asian Civilizations

EAS103        Premodern East Asia

EAS105        Modern East Asian History

ENG100        Effective Writing

ENG150        Literary Tradition

ENG201        Reading Poetry

HPS100        Introduction to History and Philosophy Of Science

HPS200        Science and Values

LIN100          Introduction to General Linguistics

LIN200          Introduction to Language

LIN203          English Words

LIN204          English Grammar

PHL100        Introduction to Philosophy

PHL200        Ancient Philosophy

IRE244         Labour Relations

IRE260         Organizational Behaviour

POL101        Political Science: Democracy

POL200        Political Theory: Visions of The Just/Good Society

POL201        Politics of Development

POL203        Us Government and Politics

POL208        Introduction to International Relations

SOC100        Introduction to Sociology I: Sociological Perspectives

SOC150        Introduction to Sociology II: Sociological Inquiries

SOC201        Classical Sociological Theory

SOC202        Introduction to Quantitative Methods in Sociology

SOC205        Urban Sociology

SOC207        Sociology of Works & Occupations

SOC212        Sociology of Crime & Deviance

SOC214        Sociology of The Family

SOC218        Asian Communities in Canada

SOC243        Sociology of Health and Illness

SOC246        The Sociology of Aging

SOC250        Sociology of Religion

SOC265        Gender and Society

SOC281        Culture and Inequality

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