University of Toronto Mississauga

The University of Toronto Mississauga (UTM) first opened in 1967 and had less than 200 students. Now, UTM has over 15,000 undergraduate students and over 800 graduate students. The University of Toronto Mississauga has award-winning facilities including the Hazel McCallion Academic Learning Centre, Deerfield Hall, and the Terrence Donnelly Health Sciences Complex. UTM’s latest building, Maanjiwe nendamowinan, has a name that means “Gathering of minds.”

Alumni of the UTM include actor and consul general Zaib Shaikh, media executive Kirstine Stewart, politician Sven Spengemenn, and film director Richie Mehta.

At the University of Toronto Mississauga, we offer tutoring services for over 65 courses in 14 subject areas (Anthropology, Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Mathematics, Economics, English, Linguistics, Management, Political Science, Physics, Statistics, Sociology, and Psychology).

Highlighted Courses

ANT101 Introduction to Biological Anthropology and Archaeology

ANT102 Introduction to Sociocultural and Linguistic Anthropology

BIO152 Introduction to Evolution and Evolutionary Genetics

BIO153 Diversity of Organisms

CHM110 Chemical Principles 1

CHM120 Chemical Principles 2

CSC108 Introduction to Computer Programming

CSC148 Introduction to Computer Science

ECO100 Introduction to Economics

ECO200 Microeconomic Theory

ECO202 Macroeconomic Theory and Policy

ECO204 Microeconomic Theory and Applications (for Commerce)

ECO205 Microeconomic Theory and Applications (for Management)

ECO206 Microeconomic Theory

ECO208 Macroeconomic Theory

ECO209 Macroeconomic Theory and Policy

ECO220 Introduction to Data Analysis and Applied Econometrics

ECO227 Foundations of Econometrics

ENG100 Effective Writing

ENG101 How to Read Critically

ENG110 Narrative

ENG121 Traditions of Theatre and Drama

LIN102 “Introduction to General Linguistics: Words, Sentences, their Structure and Meaning ”

LIN204 English Grammar I

LIN208 English Sounds

LIN228 Phonetics

LIN231 Morphological Patterns in Languages

LIN232 Syntactic Patterns in Language

LIN279 A Language Unlocked

LIN288 Introduction to Psycholinguistics and Language Acquisition

MAT102 Introduction to Mathematical Proofs

MAT132 Differential Calculus for Life Sciences

MAT133 Calculus and Linear Algebra for Commerce

MAT134 Integral Calculus for Life Sciences

MAT135 Differential Calculus

MAT136 Integral Calculus

MAT137 Calculus

MAT157 Analysis I

MAT202 Introduction to Discrete Mathematics

MAT223 Linear Algebra I

MAT224 Linear Algebra II

MAT232 Calculus of Several Variables

MAT233 Calculus of Several Variables

MAT236 Vector Calculus

MAT244 Differential Equations I

MAT247 Algebra II

MAT257 Analysis II

PHY100 What’s Physics Got to Do With It?

PHY136 Introductory Physics I

PHY137 Introductory Physics II

PHY146 Principles of Physics I

PHY147 Principles of Physics II

POL111 Canada in Comparative Perspective

POL112 Democracy in Theory and Practice

POL113 Ideas and Ideologies

POL114 Politics in the Global World

POL115 Evidence and Argument in the Study of Politics

PSY100 Introductory Psychology

SOC100 Introduction to Sociology

SOC109 Introduction to Criminology, Law & Society

STA107 An Introduction to Probability and Modelling

STA215 Introduction to Applied Statistics

STA218 Statistics for Management

STA220 The Practice of Statistics I

STA256 Probability and Statistics I

STA258 Statistics with Applied Probability

STA260 Probability and Statistics II

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