Seneca College

Seneca College was established in 1966 as an alternative post-secondary education for those unable or unwilling to attend university. In 1996, Seneca had over 200 programs for students to study. Enrollment by then was at 100,000 students. In 2002, Seneca became the first college to offer students a degree program in Ontario. In 2005, Ryan, a computer animated film produced in association with Seneca College, received the Oscar for Best Short Film – Animated.

Alumni of Seneca College include politician Granville Anderson, actor Lyriq Bent, television personality Melissa Grelo, and writer Rukhsana Khan.

Highlighted Courses

MTH458 Calculus I

MTH459 Calculus II

CHM358 Chemistry I

CHM359 Chemistry II

PHY358 Physics I

PHY359 Physics II

BIO358 Biology I

BIO359 Biology II

HUM301 Western Thought III

HUM400 Western Thought IV

SCL191 Intro to Sociology I

SCL291 Intro to Sociology II

YKC100 Critical Thinking I

YKC200 Critical Thinking II

YKL100 Intro to World Literature I

YKL200 Intro to World Literature II

HUM389 European Art and Culture

CAN604 Social History of Canada

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