Queen’s University

Queen’s University, originally called Queen’s College, was established in 1841. Presbyterians of Upper Canada wanted to found a college to educate ministers. Queen’s distanced itself from the Presbyterian Church in 1912 and the name was officially changed to Queen’s University at Kingston. As a top research-intensive university in Canada, Queen’s was the first to offer academic programs in policy studies, engineering, physics, art conservation, industrial relations, and business and commerce.

Alumni of Queen’s University include geologist Walter A. Bell, neuroscientist Jane Stewart, Nanos Research founder Nik Nanos, and actress Rachel Skarsten.

Highlighted Courses

ECON 111 Introductory Microeconomics

ECON 112 Introductory Macroeconomics

ECON 212 Microeconomic Theory I

ECON 223 Macroeconomic Policy

BIOL 102 Fundamentals of Biology: Molecular and Cell Biology

BIOL 103 Fundamentals of Biology: Organisms to Ecosystems

CHEM 112 General Chemistry

CHEM 113 General Chemistry I

CISC101 Elements of Computing Science

CISC 121 Introduction to Computing Science I

MATH 121 Differential and Integral Calculus

MATH 225 Ordinary Differential Equations

STAM 200 Introduction to Statistics

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