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Bluekey Education is the largest tutoring company at York University campus. We offer tutors for all year students from one to four; we mainly focus on review session.  Our office is located in the heart of North York, where many of York students live, it’s very close to the Yonge subway line.

In the pass two years, we have helped almost 2000 students, sold out more than 50 courses, and we have the best tutor on the market. All of our teachers are recognized by students who chose to choose us. Our slogan is “Best tutor, best customer service, at the very best price”.


Livia Wang

Livia was co-founder of the Bluekey business at the York campus and helped grow the business with her passion. She is an undergraduate at York University and is in the process of obtaining her post-graduate degree.

She has grown from an initial team of 3 to 30 staff within a year by being very close and friendly to York students.

Livia is talented at drawing and piano, and has studied art. She is a entrepreneur so she is working with the right team at Bluekey!

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