Bluekey’s life began at the University of Toronto, after our founder graduated from the University. He was able to leverage his personal knowledge of what it took to be successful and build one of the largest private tutoring companies in the country.

Our training facility is located very close to the main St. George campus in a the most posh part of Toronto – Yorkville. Yorkville is where the city of Toronto was founded so we have a lot in common !

Yorkville is also the home for the best shopping and cafe life in Toronto, and close to both the Yonge and Bloor subway line, so why not combine your studies with some pleasures?

When coming to our training facilities via subway, exit the Bay station on the Bloor line.


Tim Zou

Tim graduated from the University of Toronto with a Statistic Major. He has helped hundreds of students achieving their academic goals.

He has also given back to the community as a Vice President of the Chinese student association. You will find him to be a good listener and communicator while being enthusiastic about education. If he’s not working you will find him active in outdoor activities having fun!

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