Up-to 12 hours of exam preparation catered towards each university course. Study better, score higher.

The Exam Preparation Sessions are tailored to each university course. Whether the student feels unprepared for an exam or has already extensively studied for it, these sessions will help students polish up their knowledge and translate to academic success. Each session covers key concepts to excel on the exam and teaches step-by-step methods to solve recurrent exam questions. In addition, instructors will provide valuable exam information, past exam questions with full solutions, and useful exam writing techniques and strategies that have helped past students excel.


Personalized in-house tutoring sessions offered at a competitive rate. Learn more, pay less.

BLUEKEY’s 1-1 Tutoring is a one-on-one academic tutoring program for university-specific courses personalized to each student’s needs. 

What is offered in the program? 

  1. Before class preparation 

Prior to the commencement of each semester, students can schedule a one-one-one class preparation tutoring session. This will help students gain an initial understanding of their university courses, thereby accelerating their adaptation to the new learning environment. 

       2. Academic Q&A

The Q&A tutoring sessions focus on answering questions regarding course assignments and upcoming exams. By providing a clear solution to each question and ensuring that the student gains a deep understanding of the course content, students will be able to accurately grasp key learning points and better prepare for their exams. 

       3. Study Plan

For courses that are not a student’s strongest fortress, the student can book weekly tutoring sessions to develop a specific study plan and receive on-going support throughout the duration of the course. 

       4. Essay Assistance

Students often struggle with essay courses as each professor’s requirements and preferences differ significantly. Therefore, the essay assistance session not only focus on the improvement of student’s essay writing skills, but also on revising each essay to adhere to course requirements. 

       5. Exam Preparation

Before every exam, students can schedule a one-on-one exam preparation tutoring session to review key learning points and learn techniques to tackle specific exam questions.


Recorded videos available in BLUEKEY classrooms and online so students can study at their own pace.

The videos can be accessed at any time and watched as frequently as needed. They can serve as a preparation before lectures begin, or a review after lectures to refresh on learning points. They can also be watched during exam preparation to help students prepare for their exams efficiently.