Bluekey Education Ltd. is the largest scale tutoring company in Canada, our journey set out from 2014 in Toronto. On the road, we continuously opened up new locations at many universities, such as Queens, Western, York, Ottawa, Alberta etc., and in 2017, we brought our team to McMaster campus.

Bluekey at McMaster campus mainly focus on the first year students, we offer both review and weekly session package, and we already helped over 400 more students in less than a year.

40% of the McMaster students will continually study in master after they get their degrees, and we are so proud of what we can do to help these students to achieve their goals.


Grace Yang

Grace is just completing her 4th Year of Math & Stats Honor Program at McMaster University and knows the life of a student very well with 7 years of study experience in Canada.

She is an expert at Communicating and managing her team and has struck a nice balance with a friendly relationship with students.

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