McMaster University

McMaster was named after Senator William McMaster who gave substantial funds for a Christian (Baptist) school. The university was established in 1887. McMaster became a nondenominational university in 1957, however, the Baptist connection continued with the incorporation of McMaster Divinity College. In 2018, McMaster received the Global Teaching Excellence Award. The award recognizes universities with outstanding approaches to encouraging teaching excellence.

Alumni of McMaster University include film and television director Ivan Reitman, politician Andrea Horwath, optical physicist Donna Strickland, and nurse and professor Jacqueline Maria Dias.

Highlighted Courses

LINGUIST 1A03 Introduction to Linguistics: Sounds, Speech and Hearing

LINGUIST 1AA3 Introduction to Linguistics: Words, Sentences and Meaning =

LINGUIST 1Z03 Structure of Modern English I

LINGUIST 1ZZ3 Structure of Modern English II

LINGUIST 1AA3 Introduction to Linguistics: Words, Sentences and Meaning

MATH 1XX3 Calculus for Math and Stats II

MATH 1C03 Introduction to Mathematical Reasoning

MATH 1M03 Calculus for Business, Humanities and the Social Sciences

MATH 1A03 Calculus for Science I

MATH 2X03 Advanced Calculus

STATS 1L03 Probability and Linear Algebra

STATS 2B03 Statistical Methods for Science

STATS 2D03 Introduction to Probability

ECON 1B03 Introductory Microeconomics

ECON 1BB3 Introductory Macroeconomies

ECON 2GG3 Intermediate Microeconomies II

ECON 2H03 Intermediate Macroeconomics I

ECON 2HH3 Intermediate Macroeconomics II

ECON2Z03 Intermediate Microeconomies I

ECON 2H03 Intermediate Macroeconomies I

COMM 1AA3 Introductory Financial Accounting

COMM1BA3 Organizational Behavior

COMM1DA3 Business Data Analytics

COMM 2AB3 Managerial Accounting I

COMM 2FA3 Introduction to Finance

BIOLOGY 1A03 Cellular and Molecular Biology

BIOLOGY 1P03 Introductory Biology

BIOLOGY 2B03 Cell Biology

CHEM 1A03 Introductory Chemistry I

CHEM 1AA3 Introductory Chemistry II

CHEMBIO 20D3 Organic Chemistry II

CHEMBIO 20G3 Organic Chemistry I

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