Bluekey Education Ltd. is the largest tutoring company in Canada. We first start up at University of Toronto in 2014, gradually we brought our team to 9 universities across Canada. Finally Bluekey set up the branch in McGill University in 2017.

Bluekey at McGill currently offers more than 10 courses in total relating to biology, physics, mathematics, chemistry and economics. Being in the one of the best universities in Canada, Bluekey Education offers more than just tuition classes, more importantly, it helps McGill students to better integrate into the foreign environment and achieve better themselves.


Sonia Kong

Sonia has a double major in Consumer Behavior from UWO and a Psychology degree from McGill while maintaining a GPA 3.9. She was also on the Honour list for 4 years.

When she graduated from McGill she was selected for the Excellence Fellowship. She has conducted Psychology tutoring for four years and has also been an Interpreter for table tennis and badminton in the 2016 Rio Olympic Games.

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