McGill University

McGill University was founded in 1821 in Montréal, Québec. As one of the oldest and widely recognized Canadian higher learning institutions, McGill has students from more than 150 countries. McGill has a solid reputation for appealing to academically-oriented students from across North America and the entire world. Its students have the highest averages entering undergrad in Canada. Rhodes scholarships have been awarded to more than 140 McGill students.

Alumni of McGill University include cognitive psychologist Steven Pinker, musician and novelist Leonard Cohen, physician Thomas Chang, anthropologist Lionel Tiger, comedian Gad Elmaleh, and astrophysicist and professor Victoria Kaspi.

Highlighted Courses

ANTH 202 Socio-Cultural Anthropology

ANTH 203 Human Evolution

ANTH 204 Anthropology of Meaning

BIOL 101 Organismal Biology Laboratory

BIOL 102 Cell and Molecular Biology Methods

BIOL 111 Principles: Organismal Biology

BIOL 112 Cell and Molecular Biology

BIOL 115 Essential Biology

CHEM 110 General Chemistry 1

CHEM 112 General Chemistry Laboratory 1

CHEM 120 General Chemistry 2

CHEM 122 General Chemistry Laboratory 2

CHEM 180 World of Chemistry: Environment

CHEM 181 World of Chemistry: Food

CHEM 182 World of Chemistry: Technology

CHEM 183 World of Chemistry: Drugs

COMP 102 Computers and Computing

COMP 202 Foundations of Programming

ECON 205 An Introduction to Political Economy

ECON 208 Microeconomic Analysis and Applications

ECON 209 Macroeconomic Analysis and Applications

ECON 219 Current Economic Problems: Topics

ECON 221 Economic History

ECON 223 Political Economy of Trade Policy

ECON 225 Economics of the Environment

ECON 227 Economic Statistics

ECON 230 Microeconomic Theory

ECON 295 Macroeconomic Policy

LING 200 Introduction to the Study of Language

LING 201 Introduction to Linguistics

LING 210 Introduction to Speech Science

LING 211 Introduction to Indigenous Languages

LING 215 Languages of the World

LING 260 Meaning in Language

MATH 111 Mathematics for Education Students

MATH 112 Fundamentals of Mathematics

MATH 122 Calculus for Management

MATH 123 Linear Algebra and Probability

MATH 125 Mathematical Techniques for Economics

MATH 133 Linear Algebra and Geometry

MATH 134 Enriched Linear Algebra and Geometry

MATH 139 Calculus 1 with Precalculus

MATH 140 Calculus 1

MATH 141 Calculus 2

MATH 150 Calculus A

MATH 151 Calculus B

MATH 180 The Art of Mathematics

MATH 203 Principles of Statistics 1

MATH 204 Principles of Statistics 2

MATH 208 Introduction to Statistical Computing

MATH 222 Calculus 3

MATH 223 Linear Algebra

MATH 228 Classical Geometry

MATH 235 Algebra 1

MATH 236 Algebra 2

MATH 240 Discrete Structures

MATH 242 Analysis 1

MATH 243 Analysis 2

MATH 262 Intermediate Calculus

MATH 263 Ordinary Differential Equations for Engineers

MATH 264 Advanced Calculus for Engineers

MATH 270 Applied Linear Algebra

MATH 271 Linear Algebra and Partial Differential Equations

BUSA 100 Introduction to Management

MGCR 211 Introduction to Financial Accounting

MGCR 222 Introduction to Organizational Behaviour

MGCR 271 Business Statistics

MGCR 273 Introductory Management Statistics

MGCR 293 Managerial Economics

PHYS 101 Introductory Physics – Mechanics

PHYS 102 Introductory Physics – Electromagnetism

PHYS 131 Mechanics and Waves

PHYS 142 Electromagnetism and Optics

PHYS 180 Space, Time and Matter

PHYS 181 Everyday Physics

SOCI 210 Sociological Perspectives

SOCI 211 Sociological Inquiry

SOCI 212 International Migration

SOCI 213 Deviance

SOCI 219 Sociology of Culture

SOCI 222 Urban Sociology

PSYC 100 Introduction to Psychology

PSYC 180 Critical Thinking: Biases and Illusions

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