Bluekey Education is currently seeking interns to work with our team.

You will work in our team and support the team in order to provide timely, value-added assistance, you will actively participate in our daily work.

Michael Ge (Staff)

I’ve joined the Bluekey family since I graduated with my master degree from the University of Windsor. Until now, I could still remember when I first came for my interview, the office environment looked very nice and relaxing, and I like to work in a friendly working place. My main duty is coordinating the tutors but also helping some colleagues in marketing. Through day-by-day working experience, we work together as a team and had a lot of fun in everything. My biggest improvements are communication and social skills. I thought of myself as a very sociable person in the study period, but after joining Bluekey I have become a more professional influencer. I am more caring and more accountable than before. My goal is to gain more work experience and continuously have fun with my team.

Tim Zuo (Staff)

I joined Bluekey in 2018, Bluekey has a professional, inspiring, united working environment. I like my work because I get to meet different students, solving their daily problems not only in the academic area but also providing advice on their career paths. After joining Bluekey I became a more responsible and caring person. We need to make sure tutors are qualified to tutor the students.  At the same time, earning the students’ trust is not simple. However, since the university isn’t easy, we will get a chance to resolve problems that they encounter, providing them with the necessary help, and building trust over time.

In the future, we wish we can hire more tutors in different subjects that can help students in any field they require.

Grace Yang(McMaster University Manager)

I have been a member of the Bk family since Nov 2017. My first impression was very positive as the staffs were friendly and the events are well organized. It is an honor to be a member of the family; this is a meaningful job for me. Students would have more in-depth understanding of their courses by attending our events. Leading students to the road to success have always been the primary goal of BK education. Being a leader at BK had improved my planning skills significantly in planning for processing of the team and for students’ semester career. My goal is letting Bk become the most renowned education group in Canada.